Started playing Metal Gear Ground Zeroes (again)

So I’ve decided that I actually want to start beating some games (100% completion style)  but oh boy, am I lazy when it comes to finishing games (even without getting all the achievements).

I’ve basically had 2 session of playing MGSV:GZ one doing the first level on normal, then going “fuck it mode” when I got spotted, and so that worked out pretty well, got my A rank and did the level. Second session I had to rage quit out of though… I was playing the first level (main level) again but on hard, after a couple failed early starts (getting accustomed to the new difficulty) I was about 30~ minutes into an attempt, I call in my helicopter… no problems, I load a hostage on… no problems, it flies away… alerts enemy base… fucking rage quit.


6 months in, where am I at?

Ok so I’ve technically been learning Japanese for more than 6 months but as far as I’m concerned I really only properly started learning it 6 months ago (though I already knew both the Kanas and a handful of words).

So I’ll post some more detailed stuff later (and also post more regularly (hopefully)) but for now let’s leave it at I’m 6 months in and I know 231 words… ok soooo that’s not great for 6 months of studying but…. but to be fair I did take a break and get lazy so really it’s not 6 months of studying and 231 words is pretty legit…

Let’s uuh, let’s try to do better going forward… I think that’s the uuuh… yeah WOO 231 WORDS DOWN SUGOI DESU NEEEEEEE!!!

Koe no Katachi is GREAT

Ok so I watched Koe no Katachi about 2 weeks back and man, what a great movie. The story was great… although a little sad and honestly the start was kind of hard to watch TBH (contextually to the movie it was quite upsetting).

Not a whole lot to say here (for the moment) but I’ll be releasing a review/’would I recommend’ on Koe no Katachi hopefully sometime in the near future, so if you care for that kind of thing you’ve got that to look forward to.

Drawing…. I give up

Nobody actually reads this blog (nor do I update it anyway) so this is just going to be a short post to say I’ve given up on drawing (for now).

I actually stopped drawing a couple months back (at least 6 months at this point TBH). It was a lot of work and I didn’t see myself reaching a point where I’d be able to get a job with the drawing abilities that I had/will have.

So yeah, kinda sad really… but hey that’s life!!! maybe I’ll pick it back up one day.

Learning to draw the female figure #01

I’m trying to  “git gud” at drawing but I suck…

So 3 days in a row I decided to draw the female figure (took way too long for each drawing). I reckon they all look pretty bad but at least there’s some noticeable improvement which is nice.

I tried drawing one recently after having not done it for like 3 or so days (bad habit, I gotta keep drawing but oh well I’ll get into it eventually) and I don’t think it turned out as nice as the last one of these I did but as people love to say, practice makes perfect.


~ August 6th                                          ~ August 7th                                         ~ August 8th

I’ll keep trying to work on my drawings but I’m fairly lazy (haha) but this post will at least serve as a time stamp of my drawing abilities…